hi my loves i’m not back on this blog or anything but i just wanted to say hi i hope you’re all doing very well and i hope you’re all getting noticed loads by the boys ok y’all deserve it!! love you guys a lot, maybe one day i’ll be back (i doubt it but yeah). kisses to all of you, have a good day :*

ok really though bye guys

Anonymous: why are you going 

i know i used to hate it when girls did this but oh well. i lost interest in the janoskians.. i mean i love them but i don’t feel the motivation to even come on this blog anymore because i’m uninterested. it’s not that i dislike them it’s just that i’m not feelin it anymore

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# idk i guess goodbye # maybe i'll come back at some point

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Anonymous: What website do you use to do your gifs and edits? They're amazing 

i use photoshop cs5 extended!! thanks babe :-)

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lukebrooks : “LOL!!” (x)

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